Guidelines for translation of the EGPRN Research Agenda

(Extraction from the EGPRN Council minutes of Dubrovnik, October 2009)

  • It is suggested to wait for the summary to translate it, but national representatives can translate the whole document if they want.
  • The authorship stays the same.
  • The translation is at the national representative’s your own expenses.
  • It’s the responsibility of the translator that the translation is right.
  • In the acknowledgment it should be mentioned that it is translated by (nn). Funded by (nn) (in the inside of the booklet).
  • No logo of the pharmaceutical company on the booklet. The original cover should be kept!
  • The reliability is under the responsibility of the person who has translated it, independently by the authorship.
  • EGPRN will provide a standard text. Always refer to the original one!
  • You have to notify EGPRN Office so that EGPRN knows that you are preparing with the translation, and send a copy of the translation to her.
  • We will put the translated versions on the EGPRN website too.