Guidelines for translation of the EGPRN Research Agenda / Research Strategy

  • National representatives are permitted to translate the document; others can contact to request permission to translate the material.
  • The authorship stays the same.
  • The translation is at your own expense.
  • It’s the responsibility of the translator that the translation is right.
  • In the acknowledgment it should be mentioned that who undertook the translation, on whose behalf and state the funder if relevant.
  • No additional logos can be added to the translated document.
  • The reliability of the translation is the responsibility of translator and neither the EGPRN nor the authors take any responsibility for same.
  • You must notify the EGPRN Office so that EGPRN knows that you are undertaking a translation, and send a copy of the translation to the office once completed.
  • Translated versions will be placed on the EGPRN website.