Role of National Representatives.

The EGPRN is an informal organisation that aims at sharing and developing ideas on research in General Practice in Europe. As such, there are no formal roles for National representatives. Nonetheless, it is important that National Representatives recognise a number of responsibilities which they will be expected to honour.

There are some constitutional guidelines for their selection.

  1. Publicity. Each representative should be prepared to publicise information about activities sponsored by or relating to the EGPRN, from time to time. This may involve simply writing to relevant people in the field in their own country, submitting brief articles for publication in national journals and on occasion arranging for insertion of formal announcements in such journals.
  2. Contact with General Practitioners prepared to become involved in research projects. From time to time EGPRN mounts collaborative European Research Projects. This often involves a requirement to recruit the collaboration of several GPs from each country. The National Representatives should therefore have contact with such GPs and be prepared to put considerable effort into securing their involvement and continuing participation insuch projects as they arise.
  3. Attendance at EGPRN meeting. EGPRN meets twice a year, usually the first full weekend in May and the third full weekend in October. There is a formal discussion every meeting in the EGPRN Council (which consists of the Executive Board and the National Representatives) on issues of policy, management and constitution relating to EGPRN. Although National Representatives are not required to bring formally agreed views from colleagues in their country, it would be of help for them to have discussed issues with some colleagues before the meeting. Naturally, National Representatives are expected to make every effort to attend all the meetings.
  4. Voting procedure. As of 1996 the duration of office for a national representative is 5 years. The following procedure for the selection of a new national representative is stated in the statutes:
    - Candidates are nominated by two persons.- The list of seconded nominees is mailed to all members of that country, and a vote is taken.

The above guidelines are intended to summarise the overall duties of the National Representative. Naturally, enthusiasm for discussing and carrying out research on a European level and a willingness to share information, as well as to stimulate other colleagues in their own country to become involved with EGPRN are all qualities which National Representatives are expected to show.