Individual Membership

Advantages of an individual EGPRN membership

  • Individual members get 50% reduction on the EGPRN conference fees and pre-conference workshop fees.
  • Individual members can be elected National Representative in the EGPRN Council, which is the decisive organ in the EGPRN (details on web site)
  • Individual members have influence on EGPRN policy through their National Representatives in the EGPRN Council.
  • Individual members can join various EGPRN committees, thus collaborating in organisation of conferences, development of research courses, collaborative studies, workshops at WONCA conferences etc.
  • Individual members, who want to execute an international collaborative study with other members, can apply for funding (€5-8000/study; details on web site).
  • Individual members from countries listed in the Appendix, can request for reimbursement of part of the costs for participating in an EGPRN Research Course (max. €400; details on web site).

Individual Membership Fees

Category 1 year 3 years
Individual 150 € 250 €
WONCA Member 100 € 200 €
Resident of Low Income Country* or Less than 30y age 50 € 100 €

* Low income countries: countries with a GDP/capita (PPP) < 67% of EU27 average (Hungary, Estonia, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Ukraine, Georgia)

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