Institutional Membership

Advantages of an Institutional EGPRN Membership

Institutional Membership Fees

Category 1 year 3 years
Institutional Membership 300 € 800 €
Institute from a Low Income Country* 150 € 400 €

* Low income countries: countries with a GDP/capita (PPP) < 67% of EU27 average (Hungary, Estonia, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Ukraine, Georgia)

Instructions to Become a Member

  • Institutional memberships are managed by the representatives. To become an institutional member, the representative member must first have an EGPRN account (EGPRN accounts are free of charge). Any EGPRN account owner can register their institute by clicking the button below.
  • If there is already a record for the institute you are trying to register, this will be visible on the registration page. In this case please contact the representative listed to renew the membership. If the listed representative is no longer reachable you may contact us to make the necessary changes.
  • Representatives of institutional members can update their institutes information, renew membership, give their members links to register events at reduced fees and change the representative through their representatives EGPRN account.

Register Institute

Reduced Fee Conference Registration and Free Online Course Enrollment

Members of EGPRN's institutional members can register to two of the bi-annual EGPRN conferences at reduced fees. They can also enroll to the online course free of charge. To do this the representative of the institute must log in to their EGPRN account. On the EGPRN account home page representatives will see "Manage Institute". By clicking this menu item they will access two links, one to be used to register to the conference, other to be used for the online course. Representatives can share these links with their members.