Rules Research Funding


The EGPRN research strategy has been developed to promote research in primary care.

The research funding available from the EGPRN supports the strategy in encouraging the exchange of theory, methods and results of research in Europe, including both junior and senior researchers, individuals and research groups. Multinational, collaborative research and research between different academic disciplines is particularly encouraged

Stepwise development

In order to promote research in general practice, a stepwise strategy has been adopted by EGPRN:

  • ideas for small projects
  • proposals for small research projects
  • collaborative research (involving two or three countries)
  • multinational (European) projects

Projects that do not yet have the gravitas associated with a collaborative study are encouraged. Young researchers and researchers from countries where general practice/primary care is developing as a scientific discipline, will be encouraged to perform good research.

Researchers must have presented their project idea, at least as a one-slide five-minute presentation, at an EGPRN conference in order to be eligible to apply for funding.

Where research has been done on a local level, and the conclusions could be interesting if the research was undertaken in a wider context, the local results can be presented at EGPRN with a proposal for a collaborative project involving two or three countries. Some projects may go on to develop into Europe-wide projects.

Each project can come to EGPRN at any of the different steps. However, the further forward a project is, the more the researchers should be involved in EGPRN.

At several stages in the stepwise progression, EGPRN may provide funding, or support the researcher in seeking funding. This may include co-funding on a European level including special projects funding from the European Society of General Practice (Wonca) and funding from the European Community.,

Criteria for research proposals seeking funding from EGPRN

The following criteria have been agreed for any research proposal seeking funding from EGPRN.

  • There should be a written abstract selected for and presented to an EGPRN meeting, at least as a one-slide-five-minute presentation prior to funding application.
  • Web based course presenters are also eligible to apply for funding related to same project topic as that presented in the final presentation of the course.
  • The research proposal should be submitted within 2 years of the presentation to EGPRN.

Applications are only accepted on the official EGPRN application form.

Timetable for applying for research funding

Proposals should be submitted to the EGPRN secretariat before 1st of April or 1st of September for the subsequent meeting in May and October respectively.  The applications for project funding will be reviewed, by a selection committee, at the next EGPRN meeting (at October meeting for the applications arrived before 1st of September and at the May meeting for the applications arrived before the 1st of April). A decision will be reached by regular members of the RSC. For each proposal, an EGPRN member with expertise in the research methodology and/or the research topic will be asked to review the proposal and advise the selection committee.

The leading researcher of the project must be an individual member of EGPRN or a delegate of an institutional member of EGPRN. The applicant or the institution that holds the leading position in the project can be granted finances for one study at a time until the study ends. The lead applicant, co-applicants and collaborators who are members of the RSC at the time a decision is being made regarding funding must absent themselves.

Criteria for selection will include:

  • feasibility of the project
  • quality of research proposal
  • interest for general practice/ family medicine

The selection committee can:

  • reject the proposal
  • suggest revision and resubmission
  • approve the proposal for financing (co-financing) subject to revisions
  • approve the proposal for financing (co-financing)

The Research Strategy

The committee may also encourage people to apply for other European funds. The RSC may also suggest mentoring provided by EGPRN.

It will be a condition of funding for any project that the results are presented at an EGPRN meeting.  EGPRN also suggest that in other presentations or in publications of projects, the support of EGPRN is mentioned.

Amount and use of funding

  • A maximum of €4,000 per project is available.
  • EGPRN's max available funding per year currently is €8,000.

The funding can be used for the following:

  1. Secretarial support /project coordinator
  2. Literature review
  3. Translation (where the applicants cannot undertake this themselves)
  4. Materials (does not cover basic office items e.g laptop, projector, office equipment), project related materials e.g laboratory costs, validating questionnaires, printing will be covered
  5. Travel expenses when additional meetings to EGPRN meetings are needed (these must be listed and the purpose specified and justified)
  6. Meeting costs at EGPRN regular conferences are only covered for partners that are not previously involved in EGPRN and if specified and accepted in advance
  7. Personnel costs and fees
  8. Costs for analysis of data / methodological advise
  9. Publication cost for open access for one article with the study results
  10. Other items may be considered if approved in project budgets
  11. The fund can not be used attending EGPRN biannual conferences
  12. The items covered are those requested at the time of application and approved by the RSC to the maximum amount award 
  13. Funds are approved according to the original application and as approved. Any crossover in items or change in how the grant is used requires the applicant to submit a change of use request to the EGPRN RSC via the EGPRN Office providing a justification for the change of use. 
  14. Where possible, project meetings should be combined with EGPRN conferences and a room for same can be arranged with the EGRPN office for the day before the conference (usually at no cost but this depends on the local venue arrangements). However, if additional meetings, outside of this are required between EGPRN conferences, travel expenses for same can be requested (these must be listed and the purpose specified and justified).