Please download the application form.

Assessment Procedures

  • All applications for project funding will be reviewed, by a selection committee, before the next EGPRN meeting.
  • Application for the EGPRN autumn conference October: deadline to submit your application before 1st of September.
  • Application for the EGPRN spring conference May; deadline to submit your the application before 1st of April. 
  • A decision will be reached by regular members of the EGPRN Research Strategy Committee (RSC) at the next EGPRN meeting where all required material is in order at the time of submission. The applicants will be informed about the decision by mail on behalf of the chair of RSC or by appointed member of selection committee.


Completed application forms should be submitted electronically to the EGPRN Office.

Contact Details

All enquiries and correspondence relating to this scheme should be addressed to the EGPRN Office.