Current Projects

  1. The FPDM Study.
    Le Reste JY, Nabbe P, Lygidakis C, Doerr C, Lingner H, Czachowski S, et al.
    A Research Group from the European General Practice Research Network (EGPRN) Explores the Concept of Multimorbidity for Further Research into Long-Term Care. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association [Internet]. 2012 Sep 4 [cited 2012 Sep 16];13(7). Available from:
  2. HEFESTOS STUDY (HEart Failure European STratification and OutcomeS)
    Miguel-Angel Muñoz, José Maria Verdú, Helene Vaillant-Rousell, Liam Glynn,Alberto Vaona, Melida Hasanagic, Haiyriye Kulbay, Clara Fonseca.
    To develop and validate a predictive model based on clinical variables easy to measure at primary care to predict short-term hospitalization or mortality in a cohort of patients attended in primary care setting as a consequence of a HF decompensation.
  3. The PROCOPD Study. 
    Clavería, Ana et al.
    A study to assess the prognostic ability of ADO, BODEx and DOSE indices in primary care (different from the original setting where they where designed and validated), and perform recalibration if necessary; to assess the prognostic ability of ADO, BODEx and DOSE in COPD patients classified by the new combined assessment proposed by GOLD 2011 and according to the phenotypes propsed in GesEPOC 2014.