There is a limited fund available so that those who are unable to afford the cost of travel to an EGPRN meeting may apply for a small subsidy.

EGPRN's guidelines for travel subsidies are as follows:

  1. The applicant
    • Either is an individual EGPRN member; or visits the conference as delegate of an institutional member.
    • Should provide membership details in the application letter
    • Comes from a country with a relative low income/capita (Hungary, Estonia, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Ukraine or Georgia).
    • Should apply three weeks before meeting time at the latest.
  2. The applicant can apply if his/her abstract is accepted
  3. The applicant should write an application letter, including
    • An explanation why/that there is no organisation that reimburses (all) his/her costs. (Note: in case someone represents a university department, EGPRN expects that the applicant’s department at least will reimburse part of the costs for travel and stay).
    • A budget estimate should be provided, including the amount asked for.
  4. If the letter is sufficiently clear, and all conditions are met, the EGPRN Executive Board will decide positively.
  5. The amount is maximised at €500,= per applicant.
  6. The applicant will receive the amount AFTER the Conference, conditional on:
    • The actual and personal presentation of a poster, 1-slide-5-minute-presentation or full oral presentation
    • Personal presence during both days of the EGPRN conference, showing active participation.
  7. There is a maximum of 3 applicants/conference. Therefore, if you are not a member yet, consider becoming an individual EGPRN member, or suggest your department to become an institutional EGPRN member.