Photo of Kathryn Hoffmann
Kathryn Hoffmann

Medical University of Vienna, Center for Public Health

Austria EGPRN Member

Photo of Marija Glavinić Mijić
Marija Glavinić Mijić

Primary Healthcare Center Zemun

Serbia EGPRN Member

Photo of Milena Kostić
Milena Kostić

Primary Health Center "Dr Ðorđe Kovačević"

Serbia EGPRN Member

Photo of Radost Assenova
Radost Assenova

Medical University Plovdiv, General Practice

Bulgaria EGPRN Member

Photo of Snežana Knežević
Snežana Knežević

PhD fellow University of Kragujevac & Academy of Applied Technical Studies Belgrade, Department of Medical Sciences, Belgrade

Serbia EGPRN Member

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