The EGPRN COVID-19 Grant Call

The EGPRN are offering a grant for research through its network, led by an EGPRN member, on any aspect of COVID-19 relevant to family medicine/general practice. The project must be collaborative in nature and include at least four countries

Applications will only accepted on the official EGPRN COVID-19 grant application form and must be received by before close of business on Friday July 10th, 2020.

The applications for project funding will be reviewed, by a selection committee, and the successful applicant informed by the end of July.

The lead researcher/PI of the project must be an individual member of EGPRN or a delegate of an institutional member of EGPRN.

Criteria for selection will include:

The selection committee can:

The RSC may also suggest mentoring provided by EGPRN.

It will be a condition of funding for any project that the results are presented at an EGPRN meeting. EGPRN also suggest that in other presentations or in publications of projects, the support of EGPRN is mentioned.

Amount and use of funding

The funding can be used for the following:

  1. Secretarial support /project coordinator
  2. Literature review
  3. Translation (where the applicants cannot undertake this themselves)
  4. Materials, laboratory costs, validating questionnaires
  5. Personnel costs and fees
  6. Costs for analysis of data / methodological advise
  7. Publication cost for open access for article(s) with the study results
  8. Other items may be considered, if approved, in project budgets
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