Restaurants in Porto for the #EGPRNPorto meeting participants

Here are the list of restaurants in three categories; 1) restaurants close to the venue, 2) other restaurants 3) vegetarian restaurants advised by the local organizer.

Catch the flavors of our city with local expertise! Our organizer recommends utilizing apps like The Fork or TripAdvisor for a delectable journey through our culinary and cultural hotspots.

1) Restaurants Close to the Venue

Taberna Londrina
Across the street from the venue, you’ll find one of northern Portugal’s most beloved restaurants. Once a small spot in Guimarães, Taberna Londrina has expanded across the country and brought their creamy sweet Francescinha sauce to tables beyond the Douro River. You’ll be able to taste this Portuguese staple and other grilled dishes, alongside their generous beer menu or over a glass of local wine.

Churrasqueira Portuguesa do Amial
It hardly gets any more local than this. A classic Portuguese “Churrasqueira” – Steakhouse – this restaurant offers a plethora of Portuguese dishes from fresh fish to meat fresh off the grill. Try their Folhado (meat pastry) and celebrate your visit with a toast of Douro wine.

If you prefer your meat (or other protein) in between two slices of bread, maybe a burger from Porto’s most celebrated chain is a good option. They have lots of combinations and their weekly menu provides a different experience every time.

Mino’s Pizza
In case you’re looking for an Italian bite near the venue, Mino’s pizza offers classic pasta dishes alongside oven-baked pizzas, perfect for a sunny lunch on the outside seating area.

Campus SJoão 
This shopping centre offers a generous selections of international and local chain restaurants, providing affordable alternatives for the more indecisive attendees.

Tasquinha do caco
Using Madeira’s traditional bread roll – Bolo do Caco – this cozy restaurant elevates your traditional burger experience using local ingredients and a relaxed setting.

A fashionable new spot at the heart of Porto’s student district, Comilaum offers decadent takes on classic comfort foods using local flair to upscale your dining experience.

2) Other Restaurants

Nogueira´s Porto
Address: Rua de Ceuta 23, 4050-191 Porto
Nogueira’s is a good restaurant to share dishes and enjoy a modern yet cozy atmosphere! It is a popular steakhouse that offers a variety of dishes, from carpaccio and salmon to cheesecake and crepes.

Mercado do Bom Sucesso
A famous farmer’s market turned hip host to great restaurants and coffee shop. If you’re looking to savour all Porto has to offer, this “Mercado” has it all on display, from Francesinhas to fresh seafood, alongside vegan buffets, Mexican taquerias and traditional Italian pastas. There’s even a beer pub with dozens of beers on tap. Also, finish off your meal with a world-famous éclair from “Leitaria da Quinta do Paço”.

Cruel is one of Porto’s most celebrated restaurants and not without reason. Located in a bustling part of town, Cruel offers 3 different menus, for you to choose according to your level of culinary bravery. Regardless of choice, you’ll be in for a once in a lifetime dining experience.

O Pote Velho
Nestled in the narrow streets of Porto’s residential neighbourhoods, O Pote Velho is a gateway to an old Porto tavern, where regional northern cuisine is at the forefront. Brace yourself for flavourful appetizers, rich meat or fish dishes and decadent deserts, accompanied by your favourite wine.

Zé Bota
If you'd like to try typical dishes from Portuguese cuisine, Zé Bota restaurant is an excellent choice. It's located in the center of Porto, near the Santo António Hospital, featuring a typical and welcoming decoration. It will certainly surprise you!

Mind the Glass
Mind the Glass offers a cozy atmosphere and a diverse menu of delicious dishes. Enjoy a selection of Portuguese and international cuisine, along with a variety of drinks and cocktails.

Orpheu is a charming restaurant known for its traditional Portuguese cuisine and welcoming ambiance. Indulge in hearty dishes prepared with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Xau Laura
For a taste of modern Portuguese cuisine, head to Xau Laura. Explore innovative dishes featuring seasonal ingredients and creative flavor combinations in a relaxed setting.

Casa Guedes
Casa Guedes, although it can be popular, is worth a visit for its famous pork sandwiches and traditional Portuguese snacks.

De Canto
Experience authentic Portuguese flavors at De Canto, a charming restaurant specializing in regional dishes and fresh seafood.

Cervejaria Brasão
Craving seafood, francesinhas and craft beer? Look no further than Cervejaria Brasão and indulge in a selection of freshly prepared seafood dishes paired with a variety of local and international beers.

Cervejaria Gazela
Cervejaria Gazela is a renowned establishment in Porto, celebrated for its iconic hotdogs. This cozy eatery has been delighting patrons with its savory hotdogs served with a variety of delicious toppings. With its welcoming atmosphere and affordable prices, Cervejaria Gazela is a favorite spot for locals and tourists seeking a taste of Porto's culinary tradition.

Cask Beer
Cask Beer is a cozy pub offering a wide range of craft beers and casual dining options. Unwind with colleagues after a day of conference sessions.

3) Vegetarian Restaurants

If you're looking to explore other locations in Porto and enjoy vegetarian food, this restaurant could be an excellent suggestion for you! Seiva is a restaurant with a creative and attitude-filled world cuisine, with plants as its creative base. The menu is plant-based, made with the best seasonal vegetables. Seiva is the restaurant that brings you closer to the earth, consciously, dynamically, creatively, and genuinely, presenting a vegetable starting point in all elements of the menu.

Fava Tonka
Fava Tonka defines itself as a restaurant of seasonal and organic cuisine with a vegetarian matrix. It's located in Leça da Palmeira, and its space is cozy and extremely comfortable! An experience not to be missed!

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