How to Get to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto from Porto Airport


To reach the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto from Porto Airport, you have several transportation options available:

Taxi or Ride-Hailing Services - Approximately 15 minutes
You can opt for a taxi or use ride-hailing services like BOLT or UBER, preferably via their mobile applications. The estimated fare ranges from 10 to 20 EUR, depending on traffic.

Public Transport - Approximately 35-45 minutes
Alternatively, you can use public transport, which is both cost-effective and convenient:

Metro: Take Line E (Violet Line) from Porto Airport towards Trindade and exit at the "Sete Bicas" stop. The Faculty of Medicine is a 15-minute walk from that point. Alternatively, you can take the 205 bus from the "Sra. da Penha" stop towards Castelo do Queijo and exit at the "Preciosa" stop, which is precisely at the faculty.

Bus: Line 601 operates between Porto Airport and Cordoaria. Be sure to take the 601 bus to Cordoaria (via MAR Shopping) and exit at the "Rot. A.e.p" stop. From there, you have a 6-minute walk to the venue.

Bus tickets can be purchased at the airport or directly from the driver. A single ticket (metro/bus) typically costs around 2 Euro. Information about Porto's metro system can be found on

Additional Notes

This guide provides travelers with comprehensive information on transportation options from Porto Airport to the Faculty of Medicine, ensuring a smooth and convenient journey to their destination.

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