Dear Members of the EGPRN,

During our next meeting in Budapest in October 2024, we will have the election for chairperson of EGPRN. The term of office for chair is three years. A chairperson can have a maximum two terms of office. Our present chair Tiny van Merode is eligible for one more term.

At this stage, the Honorary Secretary and Executive Board are officially inviting all EGPRN members to nominate candidates from amongst the total EGPRN membership for this post.

All paying members are eligible for the office. Self-nominations are not allowed, and all nominations must be seconded by another EGPRN member (not the candidate).

The election will take place during the meeting of the Council next 17 October 2024 in Budapest-Hungary. Only the members of the Council and Executive Board members have the right to vote.

The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes shall be the Chairperson Elect until the next meeting of the General Council which is in May 2025 in Gothenburg – Sweden. The Chairperson Elect co-operates with the outgoing Chairperson (under the latter' s leadership ) to ease and guarantee the process of continuity

Therefore, we give the paying members the opportunity to nominate candidates for the vacancy of chairperson of EGPRN. If you know capable EGPRN-members please complete the nomination form and return it to EGPRN Office

The deadline to send in your nominations is 29th July 2024.

Executive Board of EGPRN

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