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Mihai Iacob

1. THE EUROPEAN ULTRASOUND WORKING GROUP/EUVEKUS/EADUS, 2. TIMIS SOCIETY OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS, 3. Timis Medical Chamber 4. The Romanian National Society of Family Medicine (SNMF), Romania

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MD or equivalent
General Practitioner/Family Doctor
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PERSONAL STATEMENT ▪ FAMILY MEDICINE SENIOR PHYSICIAN, ▪ PEDIATRICIAN SPECIALIST PHYSICIAN, MD, Senior Medical Expert. ▪ Trainer of Family Medicine Physician, ▪ Certificate (Competence) in General Ultrasonography. ▪ Certificate (Competence) in Occupational Medicine. ▪ National Coordinator and Founding Member of the Ultrasound Working Group in Family Medicine. ▪ MEMBER OF THE FAMILY MEDICINE SPECIALTIES COMMISSION OF THE ROMANIAN MINISTRY OF HEALTH. THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH - ORDINARY NO.1504 OF 19.12.2016. ▪ EUVEKUS President. ▪ President of Timis Society of Family Physicians. ▪ Vice President of Timis Medical Chamber. Ärztekammer für Timis

Published Abstracts 6

A comparative Randomized Controlled Trial among High-Intensity Lasertherapy (HILT) versus Low Power Lasertherapy (LLLT) associated with Steroid Joint Injections in the treatment of Frozen Shoulder or adhesive capsulitis in Primary Care.

Mihai Iacob

Presented on 20/10/2017 at the 85th EGPRN Meeting.

A prospective observational cross sectional study with Focused cardiac ultrasound (FOCUS) conducted by the family physicians at patients with a high risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Mihai Iacob

Presented on 17/10/2020 at the 90th EGPRN Meeting.

Rapid detection of NAFLD and its evolutionary stages toward cirrhosis at the targeted population through multiparametric liver ultrasonographic screening (MLUS) and artificial intelligence with fibrosis risk stratification by family physicians.

Mihai Iacob, Ana Remes, Madalina Stoican

Presented on 16/10/2021 at the 93rd EGPRN Meeting.

The evaluation of diffuse or focal thyroid pathology and early diagnosis of thyroid malignancy performed by family physicians using artificial intelligence through a European cross-border multicenter ultrasound screening project

Mihai Iacob

Presented on 30/04/2021 at the 92nd EGPRN Meeting.

Evidence of POCUS applications in primary healthcare at the European level and a prospective POCUS study in patients with acute abdominal pelvic pain in family medicine practice

Mihai Iacob

Presented on 14/10/2023 at the 97th EGPRN Meeting.

The Applications of "Point of Care Ultrasonography" (PoC-US) in Family Medicine: an experimental FOCUS (Focused Cardiac UltraSound) Screening or Basic Cardiac Ultrasound for non-cardiologists known under the acronyms of: Rapid Cardiac Assessment(RCA)

Mihai Iacob, Ana Remes, Madalina Stoican, Betina Ionescu

Presented on 05/10/2018 at the 87th EGPRN Meeting.


Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Randomised Controlled Trials, Clinical Trials, Systematic Reviews, Surveys