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Marta Tundzeva

Center of family medicine, Medical faculty, Skopje, North Macedonia

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General Practitioner/Family Doctor
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Dr. Marta Tundzeva was born on March 17, 1974 in Skopje. Primary and secondary education completes in Prilep. In 1992 she enrolles at the Medical Faculty Skopje, where she regularly completed and graduated in 1999 with an average grade of 8,50/10,00. After graduation she volunteered at the Military Hospital. In 2003 was employed at PHI "Gerimedical" as a family doctor. Since 2009, she has been working as a family doctor in PHI "Dr. Kiril Atanasov" – Skopje, where she works till this day. Further education in family medicine begins in 2012, and in 2013 the specialization ends. Since 2012 she has been an educator at the Center for Family Medicine, in 2015 she was co-mentor, and since 2016 she is a mentor of trainee specialists in family medicine. She completes the postgraduate exams with an average of 9.66/10, and obtains the consent of the Department of Family Medicine for the preparation of a master's thesis. She is an author and co-author of several thesis, participating on congresses, symposia, conferences, expert meetings and workshops in the country and internationally. She has won two awards for best poster presentation. In 2011 she received a plaque for significant contribution to the achievement and tasks of the Macedonian Medical Association. Actively participates as an invited lecturer in several neighboring countries and participates in the preparation and teaching of modules in the field of "Palliative Medicine" and "Elderly" on the curriculum for specialization in family medicine at the Center for Family Medicine in palliative care. She is an educator for the students of sixth year, who perform exercises in an educational clinic. Martha actively participates in projects under the mentorship of the Center for Family Medicine at the Medical Faculty, Skopje. Participates in the Conference on Palliative Medicine and Extended Care, which is traditionally held every year in Hisaria, Republic of Bulgaria, as a representative of the Center for Family Medicine, Medical Faculty, Skopje. She is a member of: 1) The Management Board of the Association of General Practitioners / Family Medicine at the Macedonian Medical Association since 2007, 2) The Association of Specialists in Family Medicine-Respiratory Group (ZSSM-WG) at IPCRG since 2017 3) EURACT since 2017 4) The Board of Directors as a member of the Organizing Committee of the Association of Southeast Europe in General / Family Medicine, 5) The Management Board of the Association for Palliative Care at the Macedonian Medical Association since 2017. In 2017 she submitted a master's thesis to the Scientific Teaching Council entitled "Early diagnosis of dementia in primary health care" which was assessed as eligible for defense at the Medical Faculty at the University "St. Cyril and Methodius" Skopje and defended in September 2018 year under the mentorship of prof. Dr. Katarina Stavrich.

Published Abstracts 9

Polypharmacy in the elderly with multimorbidity and the manifestation of cognitive impairments and functional deficit

Marta Tundzeva, Ljubin Sukriev, Vesna Velikj Stefanovska, Katerina Kovachevikj, Azra Gicic, Sashka Janevska, Katarina Stavrikj

Presented on 13/05/2023 at the 96th EGPRN Meeting.

Poly-pharmacy in the elderly as a risk factor for cognitive impairment

Marta Tundzeva, Katarina Stavrik, Ljubin Shukriev

Presented on 14/05/2022 at the 94th EGPRN Meeting.

Educational program for medical and nonmedical staff working in nursing homes

Katarina Stavrikj, Marta Tundzeva, Ljubin Sukriev, Danica Rotar Pavlic, Liljana Kocankovska

Presented on 19/10/2019 at the 89th EGPRN Meeting.

Prevalence and care for patients with dementia in primary care

Katarina Stavrikj, Marta Tundzeva, Katerina Kovachevikj, Ljubin Sukriev

Presented on 18/10/2019 at the 89th EGPRN Meeting.

Diagnostic value of screening tests: Questionnaires, Peak flow-meter and Microspirometer in early detection of individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in primary health care in North Macedonia

Katerina Kovachevikj, Sashka Janevska, Marta Tundzeva, Azra Gicic, Ruzica Angeleska, Katarina Stavrikj, Irena Kondova -Topuzovska

Presented on 13/05/2023 at the 96th EGPRN Meeting.

Use of mHealth application in improving blood pressure control and adherence to therapy in patients with newly diagnosed arterial hypertension in North Macedonia

Sashka Janevska, Katerina Kovachevikj, Marta Tundzeva, Azra Gicich, Katarina Stavrikj, Biljana Gerasimovska Kitanovska

Presented on 14/10/2023 at the 97th EGPRN Meeting.

Forms and frequency of sanctions in primary healthcare in Macedonia

Marija Zafirovska, Ljubin Šukriev, Katerina Kovačević, Marta Tundževa

Presented on 10/05/2019 at the 88th EGPRN Meeting.

Forms and frequency of sanctions in primary health care in Macedonia

Marija Zafirovska, Ljubin Šukriev, Katerina Kovacevic, Marta Tundzeva

Presented on 06/10/2018 at the 87th EGPRN Meeting.

Immediate or delayed prescription of antibiotics – factors that influence general practitioner decision

Katarina Stavrikj, Valentina Risteska - Nejasmic, Aleksandar Kirkovski, Nikica Jovanovski, Martin Angelov, Bekim Ismaili, Marta Tundzeva

Presented on 30/04/2021 at the 92nd EGPRN Meeting.


Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Surveys