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Christine Kersting

Witten/Herdecke University, Germany

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10/2007-01/2010: B.A. / M.A. Public Health, University of Bremen, Germany; 06/2013-12/2018: scientific researcher at the Institute for General Practice, University Hospital Essen, Germany; 01/2019-09/2020: scientific researcher at the Chair of Innovation and Collaboration in Primary Care, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany; since 12/2020: scientific researcher & research coordinator at the Institute of General Practice and Primary Care, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany; research focus: patient-orientation, patient involvement

Published Abstracts 5

How do patients rate the importance of parameters considered patient-relevant in recent studies? A cross-sectional survey among German general practice patients

Christine Kersting, Julia Hülsmann, Klaus Weckbecker, Achim Mortsiefer

Presented on 30/04/2021 at the 92nd EGPRN Meeting.

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research: Concept of a cross-indication patient advisory board in primary care - an example from Germany

Susanne Kersten, Judith Tillmann, Christine Kersting, Jana Isfort, Klaus Weckbecker, Julia Hülsmann, Achim Mortsiefer

Presented on 13/05/2023 at the 96th EGPRN Meeting.

Frequency, content and stress levels of incoming phone calls related to COVID-19: Results of a flash-mob study among German general practice teams

Achim Mortsiefer, Klaus Weckbecker, Michaela Maas, Alexandra Schmidt, Christine Kersting

Presented on 15/10/2021 at the 93rd EGPRN Meeting.

Patient and Public Involvement in General Practice Research: Concepts of patient and public involvement applied in the Networks of the Initiative of German Practice-Based Research Networks - DESAM-ForNet

Susanne Kersten, Doreen Kuschick, Christian Kretzschmann, Andreas Polanc, Jennifer Engler, Christine Kersting

Presented on 13/05/2023 at the 96th EGPRN Meeting.

Development and pilot testing of a sex- and gender-sensitive primary care intervention for patients with chronic non-cancer pain receiving long-term opioid therapy (GESCO): a study protocol

Achim Mortsiefer, Alexandra Schmidt, Alexandra Piotrowski Piotrowski, Klaus Weckbecker, Neele Kufeld, Johannes Just, Susanne Kersten, Birgitt Wiese, Petra Thürmann, Veronika Bencheva, Christine Kersting

Presented on 14/10/2023 at the 97th EGPRN Meeting.


Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Surveys