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Ana Luisa Neves

Center for Health Technology and Services Research, University of Porto, Portugal

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PhD or equivalent
General Practitioner/Family Doctor
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Ana qualified in Medicine in Portugal (University of Porto), where she completed her specialist training in General Practice in 2013. She has worked as a General Practitioner in Portugal and has experience working as volunteer doctor in low-income countries in patient education programs, mostly on women's health and infectious diseases (Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Mozambique). During her residency training, Ana undertook academic and research placements at Institut National de la Santé et Recherche Médicale (Paris) and at Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School Affiliate (Boston). Ana moved to London in 2014 to enrol a PhD Program in Clinical Medicine at Imperial College London, at the Division of Computational and Systems Medicine. In 2018, Ana has joined the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial, where she is currently Associate Director / Advanced Research Fellow at Imperial NIHR Patient Safety Translational Research (PSTRC). Her research focuses on the use of health data and digital technologies to deliver safer, more effective, and patient-centred care. Ana also oversees the strategic development and delivery against research objectives of Imperial NIHR PSTRC, working closely with the Centre’s NHS partners and the academic support to the WHO Global Patient Safety Collaborative, a multi-national consortium designed to strengthen patient safety leadership, capacity building and research development in low and middle-income countries. In what concerns teaching activities, she is the Deputy Director of MSc Patient Safety and Module Lead (Digital Health) at the Masters Public Health, at Imperial College London. Ana is also Module Lead (Health Data Collection and Principles of Health Data Science) at the PhD Programme in Health Data Science at University of Porto, where she holds a post as Associate Professor. She is currently an elected member of the Executive Board of the European General Practice Research Network, and of the Executive Board of the Working Party on eHealth of WONCA World. In 2018, she was awarded a Scholarship from the European Association of General Practice (WONCA Europe).

Published Abstracts 13

Electronic health records across Europe: adoption, digital maturity, and implications for quality and safety of care

Ana Luisa Neves, Ferdinando Petrazzuoli, Robert D Hoffmann, Heidrun Lingner, Hans Thulesius, Le Reste Jean-Yves

Presented on 16/10/2020 at the 90th EGPRN Meeting.

Fostering equitable training programs across Europe - an approach using the CANmeds framework

Ana Luisa Neves

Presented on 18/10/2019 at the 89th EGPRN Meeting.

Impact of sharing electronic health records with patients on efficiency, effectiveness and patient experience – protocol for a systematic review

Ana Luisa Neves, Alexander Carter, Lisa Freise, Erik Mayer, Ara Darzi

Presented on 20/10/2017 at the 85th EGPRN Meeting.

Sharing electronic health records with patients – how does it impact equity in health care delivery?

Ana Luisa Neves, Lisa Freise, Liliana Laranjo, Alexander Carter, Ara Darzi, Erik Mayer

Presented on 12/05/2018 at the 86th EGPRN Meeting.

General Practice/Family Medicine training across Europe: Exploring differences and similarities to inform the development of standardised curricula

Ana Luisa Neves, Radost Assenova, Raluca Zoitanu, Vanja Lazic, Sophia Eilat-Tsanani, Gaetano Lops, Veronika Rasic, Claire Marie Thomas, Mehmet Ungan

Presented on 11/05/2018 at the 86th EGPRN Meeting.

Multinational collaborative study of diversity in General Practice/Family Medicine training across Europe

Ana Luisa Neves, Raluca Zoitanu, Claire Marie Thomas, Veronika Rasic, Mehmet Ungan, Radost Assenova

Presented on 21/10/2017 at the 85th EGPRN Meeting.

VdGM SIG Research: What makes us do research? A collaborative multi-network project proposal

Vanja Lazic, Alice Serafini, Ana Luisa Neves, Gabriella Pesolillo, Gaetano Lops, Durdica Kasuba Lazic, Katarzyna Nessler

Presented on 06/10/2018 at the 87th EGPRN Meeting.

How do European primary care practitioners think the timeliness of cancer diagnosis can be improved? Results from an Örenäs Research Group study.

Michael Harris, Magdalena Esteva Cantó, Ana Luisa Neves, Peter Vedsted, Gordon Taylor, Peter Murchie

Presented on 19/10/2019 at the 89th EGPRN Meeting.

Multinational collaborative study on how to adapt the FM&GP Training to Exponential Age

Claire Marie Thomas, Berk Geroglu, Ana Luisa Neves, Raluca Zoitanu, Veronika Rasic, Radost Assenova, Mehmet Ungan

Presented on 21/10/2017 at the 85th EGPRN Meeting.

How do European Primary Care Practitioners think the speed of diagnosis of cancer in primary care could be improved? A thematic analysis and mapping exercise.

Michael Harris, Nicola Buono, Magdalena Esteva, Tuomas Koskela, Ana Luisa Neves, Sven Streit

Presented on 05/10/2018 at the 87th EGPRN Meeting.

Googling in the Waiting Room

Robert Hoffman, Inam Najmi, Iris Reychav, Liliana Laranjo, Hans Thulius, Ana Luisa Neves, Heidrun Lingner, Claire Collins, Davorina Petek, Bernardino Olivio-Fanlo, Juliette Chambe, Caroline Huas, Joseph Azuri

Presented on 12/05/2018 at the 86th EGPRN Meeting.

Benefits and Challenges of Using Virtual Primary Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: From Key Lessons to a Framework for Implementation

Edmond Li, Rosy Tsopra, Geronimo Larrain Gimenez, Alice Serafini, Gustavo Gusso, Heidrun Lingner, Maria Jose Fernandez, Greg Irving, Davorina Petek, Robert Hoffmann, Vanja Lazic, Memarian Ensieh, Tuomas Koskela, Claire Collins, Sandra Milena Espitia, Ana Clavería, Katarzyna Nessler, Braden Gregory O’neill, Kyle Hoedebecke, Mehmet Ungan, Liliana Laranjo, Saira Ghafur, Gianluca Fontana, Azeem Majeed, Josip Car, Ara Darzi, Ana Luisa Neves

Presented on 16/10/2021 at the 93rd EGPRN Meeting.

Primary care COVID-19 pathways in European countries, preliminary results from a qualitative study

Marina Guisado-Clavero, Raquel Gomez Bravo, Limor Adler, Radost Assenova, Sabine Bayen, Elena Brutskaya-Stempk Ovskaya, Iliana-Carmen Busneag, Asja Ćosić Divjak, Maryher Delphin Peña, Philippe-Richard Domeyer, Sabine Feldmane, Louise Fitzgerald, Ileana Gefaell, Dragan Gjorgjievski, Mila Gómez-Johansson, Miroslav Hanževački, Oksana Ilkov, Shushman Ivanna, Marijana Jandrić-Kočić, Vasilis Trifon Karathanos, Aleksandar Kirkovsk, Snežana Knežević, Büşra Çimen Korkmaz, Milena Kostić, Liga Kozlovska, Bruno Heleno, Katarzyna Nessler, Heidrun Lingner, Gabrielle Lisembard, Murauskienė Liubovė, Bakola Maria, Ana Luisa Neves, Naldy Parodi López, Davorina Petek, Ferdinando Petrazzuoli, Goranka Petricek, Lourdes Ramos Del Río, Natalija Saurek-Aleksandrovska, Alissa Sebbah, Bohumil Seifert, Alice Serafini, Theresa Sentker, Gunta Ticmane, Péter Torzsa, Canan Tuz, Raimonda Ulianskiene, Dorien Vanden Bossche, Maria Van Den Muijsenbergh, Sara Willems, Sara Ares Blanco, María Pilar Astier Peña

Presented on 14/05/2022 at the 94th EGPRN Meeting.


Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Systematic Reviews