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Kristien Coteur

KU Leuven, Belgium

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MSC in sexology | Postgraduate in family mediation | PhD candidate Public Health and Primary Care | Since 2018, I am working on a doctoral project that focuses on how we can successfully lower benzodiazepine and z-drug use in primary care. Belgium holds a leading position for the number of hypnotics and anxiolytics used, which is nothing to be proud of. I hope to change attitudes and stimulate deprescribing in primary care through my current and future research projects.

Published Abstracts 1

Supporting primary care for sleep disorders, including insomnia, in an adult population.

Kristien Coteur, Catharina Matheï, Marc Van Nuland

Presented on 16/10/2020 at the 90th EGPRN Meeting.


Qualitative Research, Randomised Controlled Trials, Clinical Trials