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Photo of Rosario Falanga

Rosario Falanga

Family Doctor, ASFO "Friuli Occidentale", Italy

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Academic Background
MD or equivalent
General Practitioner/Family Doctor
Short Bio
In 1983 I graduated in Medicine from University of Catania, post graduated specialization in General Surgery. From 1988 General Practitioner in Polcenigo (Pordenone) a rural village, I am taking care of 1.600 patients. Tutor Family Medicine, University of Udine. Member of EURACT ( European Academy of Teacher in General Practice). International Advisory Board member at EURIPA ((European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association). Since 2000 Researcher of "Health Search"(Research Institute of the Italian College of General Practitioners). In 2018 I completed EGPRN International Web Based Course on Research in Primary Care. Main research interest is chronic diseases management,Quaternary Prevention and disaster medicine.

Published Abstracts 1

Intermediate care in caring for dementia, the point of view of General Practitioners: a key informant survey across Europe

Clarisse Dibao-Dina, Caroline Oger, Tony Foley, Péter Torzsa, Vanja Lazic, Sanda Kreitmayer Peštiæ, Limor Adler, Ana Kareli, Christian Mallen, Cindy Heaster, Gindrovel Dumitra, Donata Kurpas, Rita Viegas, Stéphanie Giezendanner, Rosario Falanga, Aristea Missiou, Jan De Lepeleire, Aisling Jennings, Ferdinando Petrazzuoli, Victoria Tkachenko

Presented on 14/05/2022 at the 94th EGPRN Meeting.


Quantitative Research, Surveys