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Maria Bakola


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Academic Background
MD or equivalent, MPH or equivalent
General Practitioner/Family Doctor
Short Bio
Dr. Maria Bakola (MD, MPH) is a General Practitioner/Family Physician working in public sector in a rural area of Ioannina, Greece. Apart from her major research interests in the area of chronic diseases and research on mental health issues, she is also interested in e-health, mobile health, telemedicine, knowledge translation, as well as international collaboration for the improvement of primary health, public health and global health through the implementation of new initiatives.

Published Abstracts 5

Patients’ Satisfaction and Perception about Quality of Health Care in an Urban Primary Health Center of Athens, Greece

Maria Bakola, Eleni Avramidi, Konstantina Soultana Kitsou, Georgios Charalambous, Eleni Jelastopulu

Presented on 30/04/2021 at the 92nd EGPRN Meeting.

What influences medical students’ choice of family medicine as a career? A research protocol from the 2018/2019 EGPRN Fellows.

Maria Bakola, Canan Tuz, Alice Serafini, Michael Harris

Presented on 11/05/2019 at the 88th EGPRN Meeting.

Effects of covid-19 pandemic on the mental health of female Family Doctors

Maria Bakola, Konstantina Soultana Kitsou, Eleni Jelastopulu

Presented on 01/05/2021 at the 92nd EGPRN Meeting.

Reporting of outcomes in systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials on low back pain interventions in primary health care: is it clinically meaningful?

Despoina Karamitrou, Aliki E. Panidi, Maria S. Bakola, Dimitrios Damigos, Athina Tatsioni

Presented on 21/10/2017 at the 85th EGPRN Meeting.

The immigrant family doctors: The challenges of immigration and the impacts on Primary Care

Candan Kendir, Emmanuel Allory, Maria Bakola, Jorge Ernesto Hidalgo Chavez, Gary Velasquez Chavez, Yasmin Córdova, Elena Klusova, Liliana Laranjo, Ana Luisa Neves, Maria Joao Nobre, Alessio Platania, Veronika Rasic, Sara Rigon

Presented on 11/05/2019 at the 88th EGPRN Meeting.


Quantitative Research, Systematic Reviews, Surveys