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Faculty of Medicine in Osijek ; Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health, Croatia

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General Practitioner/Family Doctor
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Ljiljana Trtica Majnarić graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia, in 1985. Currently, she is full-time employed in the Medical Faculty and Faculty for Dental Medicine and Health at the University of Osijek and holds a position as assoc. prof. (is going to be nominated for promotion to full prof). She is a specialist in General/Family medicine and until 2012 she was working as a practicing GP. Masters in 2003, at postgraduate study in clinical immunology and allergology, University of Zagreb; Ph.D. in family medicine and public health in 2010 at the University of Zagreb. She is the Head of Family Medicine Dep. at MF of the University of Osijek; an EGPRN member since 2009. She is involved in teaching students, postgraduate students, specialist trainees, and in continuous medical education of family doctors. She was a mentor to 26 undergraduate students and specialist trainees and to several Ph.D. students. She published 75 papers in indexed journals (40 Q1, Q2, Q3, and SCOPUS) and several papers are under evaluation (visible at Google Scholar profile). Her research interests are methodology and statistics, especially new methodology approaches (Machine Learning in data from eHRs), aging diseases, multimorbidity, CVD, psychological disorders, vaccination, clinical immunology. She is an active member of the EU network of excellence in AI and Human-Computer-Interaction since 2011 and was several times a member of the international scientific committee at conferences in biomedical informatics. She is an outstanding expert and a reviewer of the EU Committee since 2015 and participated in 7 calls for IT and Life Science packages. My EGPRN abstracts: 1) Research on multimorbidity - the time for the paradigm change – oral presentation Euras J Fam Med, 8 (suppl 2) p10; 88 th EGPRN Meeting, Tampere - Finland, 9-12 May 2019; 2) A research method to use data from electronic health records not specifically prepared for research - Oral presentation; EGPRN, Riga, Latvia, May, 11-14, 2017; 3) Routinely collected data and Knowledge Discovery/Data mining - an opportunity for research in PHC – oral presentation; EGPRN, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, October, 23-26, 2014; 4) What does family practice quality improvement have with information quality in e-Health? – oral presentation; EGPRN, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May, 10-13, 2012; 5) Systems biology approach in the research of multimorbidity - oral presentation; EGPRN, Dubrovnik, Croatia, October 15-18, 2009; EUROP J GEN PRACTICE 2010; 16: 21. – Oral presentation; 6) Adverse reactions and allergy on antibiotics in children - Poster presentation; EGPRN; Plovdiv, Bulgaria, May 6-9, 2010; EUROP J GEN PRACTICE 2010; 16: 154-73.

Published Abstracts 1

Research on multimorbidity-the time for paradigms change

Ljiljana Majnaric

Presented on 11/05/2019 at the 88th EGPRN Meeting.


Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Systematic Reviews