How to read a paper: critical appraisal skills for qualitative papers.

Accessing the Workshop

Accessing the workshop will be through the Event Foyer by logging into your EGPRN account. You will need to have Zoom installed on your computer to access the workshop. An email containing a link to the Foyer will also be sent before the start of the workshop. You must be logged in with the EGPRN account you have registered with.

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Online Workshop

Wednesday 7th September 2022, 12:00 - 13:45 CEST

Prof. Michael Harris will run an interactive EGPRN workshop on critical appraisal skills for qualitative papers.

This free 90-minute interactive workshop for EGPRN members will cover:

  • how qualitative research studies are designed;
  • what to look out for when you are reading a qualitative research paper in a journal:
    • how to decide what the paper is about;
    • how to assess its quality;
    • how decide whether the results should change your practice.

There will be a small amount of pre-course reading for you to do.

The workshop is free for EGPRN members and €25 for non-members.

We highly encourage becoming a member as membership comes with many benefits besides free attendance to this workshop.

Michael would love to see you at the workshop. If you want to join him, please click here to register. Please login with your EGPRN account to register.

Thank you for your interest in joining this workshop. Registrations have been closed since we have reached the participant limit.

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