Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I become a member?
    First of all you must have an EGPRN account on our website. Please go to and register. After you log in to the EGPRN website with the account you've just created you will see a button "Become an EGPRN Member". Please click it and it will guide you through the payment phases.
  • How can I get receipts for my membership / conference registration / course registration payments?
    Upon completion of your payment your receipt will be automatically emailed to you. If for some reason this email is not delivered you may log into your EGPRN account to see receipts of all your payments.
  • How can I register to the upcoming conference at my institutes reduced fees?
    Contact your EGPRN representative to get the special registration link. Please see the name for your representative at the list of advisory board members. Your representative can provide you the link by logging into his/her account and accessing the institutional membership page (instructions here).
  • How can my institute pay for my registration?
    If your institute is going to pay for your registration continue with your registration, during the payment phase select "Bank Transfer". Once your back at the EGPRN website the system will provide you with an invoice. This invoice will contain bank transfer details (with reference number) that you can pass along to your institute. Once the payment is registered by our system your registration will be completed and you will receive a notification by email.
  • Can I get an invitation letter for the upcoming conference for visa/work leave request?
    You may download an invitation letter after registering for the conference. The letter would be downloadable from your EGPRN account homepage.
  • Can I get a certificate for my presentation at the EGPRN conference?
    EGPRN does not provide certificates for presentations. You may combine your certificate of attendance with the program book of the conference to certify your presentation. You may download your certificate of attendance by logging into your EGPRN account.
  • Something happened and I am no longer able to attend the conference I have registered for, can I get a refund?
    Please see the EGPRN cancellation policy.
  • I have started a bank transfer and have made the transfer, when will it be processed and marked paid?
    Bank Transfers may take from a few days up to a week to be processed. This process is handled by our payment services provider and it is essential that you include the "pid" reference number displayed in your invoice in the description of your transfer. If more than a week has passed and/or you've not included the "pid" number in your transfer, please contact send us the receipt of your transfer so we can follow up with the payment services provider.