Poster Prize Winner, Lille 2018

EGPRN Poster Prize winner of the 86th EGPRN meeting in Lille, France is "Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary biopsychosocial intervention in non-specific sub-acute low back pain, in working people: A cluster randomised trial" by authors Romina Raczy Mas, Anna Berenguera Ossó, Enriqueta Pujol-Ribera, Joana Moix Queraltó, Maribel Fernández Sanmartín and Teresa Rodriguez-Blanco. The poster was presented by Romina Raczy Mas during the poster sessions. Romina Raczy Mas received her prize certificate from Dr. Tiny van Merode during the closing ceremony of the meeting. Romina Raczy Mas or one of the other authors is now entitled to register to the Sarajevo meeting in October 2018 free of charge.

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