New paper from the FPDM Collaborative Study Group

Translation and cross-cultural adaptation into Spanish, Catalan and Galician of the Hopkins Symptom Checklist-25 scale for the detection of depression in Primary Care
Ana Clavería, María Rodríguez-Barragán, Maria Isabel Fernández-San-Martín, Patrice Nabbe, Jean Yves Le Reste, Iria Miguéns-Blanco, and Yolima Cossio-Gil

New paper from the HEFESTOS Collaborative Study Group

Precipitating factors of heart failure decompensation, short-term morbidity and mortality in patients attended in primary care
José María Verdu-Rotellar , Helene Vaillant-Roussel, Rosa Abellana, Lea Gril Jevsek, Radost Assenova , Djurdjica Kasuba Lazic , Peter Torsza, Liam George Glynn, Heidrun Lingner , Jacopo Demurtas, Beata Borgström, Sylvaine Gibot-Boeuf , Miguel Angel Muñoz

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