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Gut feelings in general practice
The EGPRN special interest and research group on ‘Gut Feelings in General Practice:

Society for Academic Primary Care


The North American Primary Care Research Group - an organisation which is actively seeking to increase collaboration with the EGPRN.

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The International Federation of Primary Care Research Networks

This organization was established in May 2001 at the WONCA (World Organization of Family Doctors) meeting in Durban, South Africa. It is organized under WONCA's Task Force on Research.

The mission of the IFPCRN is to support research in primary care for the benefit of patients by:
a. a mutual support of research networks,
b. the exchange of ideas and methodologies,
c. advocacy of the quality of research in primary care,
d. capacity building,
e. policy and advocacy initiatives,
f. doing collaborative research.

IFPCRN is now interested in recruiting new members, especially from countries with fewer resources, and in starting a rich process of sharing experiences, ideas, and strategies for success.

Family Medicine Research .org

A new web site for family medicine research -

This site has been developed by the Academic Family Medicine Organizations (AFMO) and is coordinated and monitored by the AFMO Research Subcommittee. The site is intended to serve as a source of information related to family medicine research.


GRIN (General practice Respiratory Infections Network) is a European network of researchers studying respiratory tract infections in primary care.
The key issues of the General practice Respiratory Infections Network are:
- Exchanging ideas and keeping each other informed about current research
- Comparing guidelines on respiratory tract infections.
- Trying to find consensus on the state of the art on different subjects and formulate European guidelines.
- To set up international studies.

GRIN is interested in acute respiratory infections regardless of causative organism. GRIN concentrates on questions that have clear relevance to primary care and an added value from international setting. GRIN facilitates contacts and collaboration between researchers in different countries for example by arranging workshops and seminars, planning and carrying out joint study projects, disseminating information to support evidence-based practice, using a multiprofessional approach. The organisation consists of experts in the field from nearly all European countries. Members have contributed in national and international guidelines and are part of international collaborations in targeting antimicrobial resistance due to inappropriate management of respiratory tract infections.

Sigvard Molstad (Sweden) is the current chairman of the GRIN (email)

Actvities include an annual meeting.

Previous conferences have been held in:

Maastricht - the Netherlands (2007)
Stockholm - Sweden (2006)
Düsseldorf - Germany (2005)
Oslo - Norway (2004)
Nice - France (2003)
Winchester - England (2002)
Tampere - Finland (2001)
Gent - Belgium (2000)
Utrecht - The Netherlands (1999)

GRIN mailing list
You can enter the list by sending an e-mail to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL and by telling who you are and what your activities are. To send a message to all the people currently subscribed to the list, just send mail to: GRIN@NIC.SURFNET.NL

National Primary Care Research and Development Centre
The University of Manchester Institute of Health Sciences and the National Primary Care Research and Development Centre

This is the website chosen as a WHO Collaborating Centre to link several primary care organisations via webpages and create a network of primary care webs.
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Links to other European Primary Care Network Organisations

European Speech and Language Therapists' website

International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG)

The IPCRG is a charitable company that acts as an international umbrella organisation for national primary care respiratory interest groups. Our aim is to use our international network to undertake research in community settings; to lead the production and dissemination of evidence-based guidelines appropriate for primary care professionals; and to develop education programmes to support that dissemination and changes in practice.

Key objectives for 2006, which we would like to share with EGPRN are:

To begin to deliver research in line on our research needs statements, published on our website at

To hold a successful third international biennial conference in Oslo 8-11 June (early bird registrations now extended to 17 March!). See We are hoping for over 500 primary care delegates with an interest in respiratory disease.

To start preparations for a successful 4th biennial conference in Seville in May 2008.

To continue to develop our membership base. This includes development in South America, Asia, but also, closer to home, in France and Germany. We would be particularly interested to hear from any of your network who wish to participating in a special interest group in France or Germany. The topics of interest include asthma, COPD, allergic rhinitis, smoking cessation, inhaled medicines and community-acquired infections.

To begin to develop practical, low-cost educational resources that promote the IPCRG Guidelines for the Management of Chronic Respiratory Diseases in Primary Care recently published online at and available in hard copy Primary Care Respiratory Journal Volume 15, Issue 1.

To share, exchange and develop other educational resources that would improve the management of respiratory diseases managed in the community. This will include opinion sheets on the use of theophylline and smoking cessation.